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Friday, July 23, 2010

Something cool and important

I just signed up to take part in a World Bicycle Relief Tour with my friend Lisa. The ride is being lead by Todd Ricketts, owner of the Cubs, and will go from Wrigley Field in Chicago to Miller Park in Milwaukee about 100 miles away.

World Bicycle Relief is an organization that gives bikes to rural villagers in Africa. More than that, they also supply maintenance training and tools for mechanics.

I know someone who has spent the last several months in Zambia, helping to distribute the 23000 bikes that are being donated around the countryside. She has only the best of things to say about the charity and the effect that the bicycles have on the villages.

I ask all of you to make a donation in my name. I have created a paypal account for donations, found here:

You can read more about the event here:

Small donations from many people add up quickly. If you can give $10 or $20 that is great. Of course if you want to give more, I will not stop you.

Thank you and I hope that you can give generously.

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